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Track: Remembrance
Artist: Leessang (Feat. Baek Ji Young)
Album: Asura Balbalta



When my mother was pregnant with me,

she slept while sitting down

This was due to my kickings,

I was a troublemaker since I was

in my mother’s womb

In middle school, I punched the class president

and put a hole in his face

My mother knelt before me

and cried infront of me all night

So, after that point

I don’t fight anymore.

Afraid that I’d become a gangster,

she would always told me not to

get into fights before I left the house

I was afraid that like a mouse cursor,

I wouldn’t be able to get out into the big world

But I still dreamt - and at a late age of 26 -

I was determined.

Reminded myself that the wanderings

and poverty of youth were things

that anyone went through.

I comforted myself in this way and

every night for my dreams,

I wrote words,

This life that i lived

This life that I will live

My unchanging life

song song song

Repetitions of ups and down

Repetitions of joy and sadness

Repetitions of love and separation

My life turns and turns

It was more successful than I thought - LeeSSang’s first album -

Like a wandering gypsy,

I saw light for this exhausting life.

An unbelievable love had come for me

The love song that I could sing for her - LeeSSang Blues -

It was the most beautiful song I wrote after I started writing

But eventually her wedding dress - was not for me.

Of course, my faults were significant but I took it hard

and drowned myself in alcohol that night.

The wanderings and poverty of youth

were things anyone went through…

I comforted myself like this

but pain found its way to me.

Cheated off the money I made from evil

and just like a cherry blossom,

I bloomed and withered.

And with my bare hands, I rowed.

This - lately starting a broadcasting life

was getting more and more fun

Though I didn’t make much money

All the scars I got from people,

I tie them back to people

From Yoo Jae Suk - who tries until it’s successful,

I learned diligence.

I’ve awoken myself again

The music that made me lazy is getting fun again

Every single day, my mind is awake

Just like my manager - Director Choi - who ran to me

everyday when I said I’d quit music.

I am a racer who is running again.

The wanderings and poverty of youth

were things anyone went through…

I comforted myself like this

but because I went through all that,

I won’t be broken.

I chew pain like gum,

the dark night raises me up again,

I raise myself up.


Oh man, this was actually one of my faves from Asura Balbalta.

But when I read up on the translation, I got so emotional.



So, apparently Kang Gary wrote Leessang Blues for his ex-girlfriend (whom we all know by now is already married.)

*clutches my own heart*

Oh man, I can only imagine how Kang Gary must have felt on the day he recite those lyrics to Song Ji Hyo in the train. I wonder if thoughts of his married ex-gf entered his mind..

Kenchana, Kang Gary-sshi. Like how you wrote the lyrics - it’s a repetition of life.

You’ll find your other half in *COUGHS* Song Ji Hyo.

You can propose to her now. :D

PS. The YJS-reference was oh-so-sweet. sdcdtjtbfkutghlugt.

AND now we know that he used to be a gangster!!! wth!!! i love bad boys~~

no wonder he did well using the two-piece metal thinging during RM! :P 

Kookie & his dumbbell




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